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¡ El 1er Bar of the Month 2014 en Sao Paulo ha sido un éxito! Con más de 35 alumni y amigos de IE en el recién inaugurado bar de nuestro Alumni entrepreneur Paulo Bilteman, que está haciendo mucho ruido en la prensa de Brasil.

Aprovechamos esta ocasión para animar a los alumni del IE en esta zona geográfica a participar en otras actividades y a proponer sus candidaturas para las muy próximas elecciones del IE Alumni Club Brasil. Algunos ya nos ofrecieron su apoyo incondicional, lo cual nos alegra pues los alumni son el corazón de nuestra Comunidad.

Estuvieron invitados también los nuevos alumni de los programas Master que se han graduado en 2013.

Una semana después en Río de Janeiro tuvimos un Bar of the Month para los alumni de esta zona con más de 20 asistentes, donde pudimos compartir un ambiente relajado y ya de paso hablar del Alumni Club Chapter Rio, que es muy importante para Brasil.

Si quieres participar de estas y otras actividades de Alumni, o de las próximas elecciones de tu club más cercano, Actualiza tus datos.


The first Bar of the Month in Sao Paulo has been a success! With more than 35 alumni and friends of IE attending, we met in the recently opened bar from one on our alumni entrepreneur, Paulo Bilteman. The bar has had some media coverage in Brazil –check it here.

We took the opportunity to invite IE alumni from this geographical area to participate in the activities offered by IE in Brazil and to send their nominations for the upcoming Club Elections. Some alumni have already expressed their interest in being part of the club (Cheers to them!!)

Also in this social event we had for the first time as alumni, the new graduates of the class of 2013.

A week after Sao Paulo, we hosted the Bar of the Month in Rio de Janeiro, with more than 20 attendees. We gathered in an informal environment and talked about the next activities for the Alumni Club Chapter Rio, a strategic part of the IE Community.

If you want to take part of the different activities for Alumni in Brazil, or want to participate in the next Club elections, Update your profile.



IE Brazil Day

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The IE Brazil Day was the last event organised by the IE Brazil Club in 2012. It was a special event designed to inform IE students about the strongest Latin America economy. The information available dealt with entrepreneurship opportunities and job searching in Brazil. The event consisted of a series of presentations led by IE Professors, club members and leading companies. “The main idea is to provide information from a perspective that non-Brazilian students do not have, giving them the opportunity to get in touch with people from the Brazilian market”, said Fabio Colella (IMBA 2012), a member of the IE Brazil Club.

The first activity was a lecture by Professor Newton Campos, PhD in Entrepreneurship, about the Brazilian entrepreneurial environment. During his speech, Newton shared some interesting facts about the bureaucracy and emphasised the contrasts between the different regions, sectors and industries. He presented a path to guide entrepreneurs about how to launch a venture in the Brazilian market, reducing the risks by leveraging their previous experiences and assets. It was possible to compare Brazil with other emerging economies in terms of opening new businesses for Brazilians and foreigners alike. According to Newton, it is time to seek business opportunities outside of the big cities and main business regions: “A foreigner would be better opening a hotel in a potential touristic place in the north or northwest of Brazil, than in Rio or Sao Paulo”, he said. He mentioned the low level of investments required in comparison with the big cities and that there is more facility to build networking, as well as some other important advantages.

The second presentation was led by Fernando Soares (IMBA 2011), a member of the IE Brazil Club with experience in the Brazilian job search industry. He discussed the job searching experience for foreigners interested in middle management positions in Brazil. His presentation “Working in Brazil: The Real Deal” provided information about industries, main cities, salaries and costs of living, legal requirements and tips for those that would move to Brazil with no local job offers. Fernando explained that “Brazil is one of the best places to develop a good career nowadays; however, there are many things that are not so commonly mentioned in the newspapers and magazines, which a foreigner should know before deciding to move to the country. Executive positions in Brazil pay well, but you have to understand the cost of living; for example, you may think that Brazil is still cheaper than Switzerland. There are many social problems and the Brazilian job market is more closed than it should be.” The message was clear: if you want to work in Brazil, the work starts before moving to the country. Students were advised to start job searching as soon as possible and to start building their network.

Finally, recruiters from Natura, Prosegur, Axia Consulting and BRFoods, companies with a large presence in the Brazilian market, presented their graduate programmes. It was an opportunity whereby the companies could meet potential candidates and answer their questions about summer jobs, rotational programmes and fulltime job opportunities. Company representatives also shared their personal experiences and talked about the Brazilian visa processes.

IE Singapure Club

IE Singapore Club

IE Club Fair was held at early May with the purpose of integrating the students of new intakes into the activities of the clubs and offer them the chance of learning about the objectives of the clubs. Club representatives from 26 clubs were at the club fair in order to clarify the doubts and encourage the new students to join the clubs and help promoting activities within them. There were different types of clubs at the fair: geographic (such as India, Singapore and Colombia), functional (IEOut, Marketing and WIB), sectorial (Energy, Fashion & Luxury) and affinity (Dancing, Football and Sailing).

Once the club fair was over, the election process was opened so the students and alumni interested in joining the club board could present their candidatures. The candidates submitted their candidatures online at IE communities’ web page, besides presenting them through videos, posters and presentations to the club members where they explained their proposals and reasons to join the clubs.

Finally, the elections were held on 16-23 May for those clubs which had more than six candidates interested in joining the board. The voting process was done through http://portal.ie.edu web page. After elections, new representatives elected a president among themselves and decided the other positions and duties depending on the needs of the clubs.

IE Partners Club

Durante el mes de Mayo, la Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos cumpliendo su misión de facilitar una plataforma de oportunidades para alumnos y antiguos alumnos organizó la Feria de Clubes y llevó a cabo las elecciones de los Clubes que realizan actividades dentro del campus de IE.

La Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos organizó una Feria de Clubes a principios de Mayo con el objetivo de integrar a los nuevos estudiantes en las actividades de los clubes y ofrecerles la oportunidad de conocer a fondo las funciones de cada club. En el evento se presentaron 26 clubes de los diferentes tipos: geográficos (tales como los de India, Singapur y Colombia), funcionales (IEOUt, Marketing y WIB),   sectoriales (Energy, Fashion & Luxury) y de afinidad (Dancing, Footbal y Sailing) los cuales durante tres días expusieron sus objetivos y actividades para todos los interesados.

IE India Club

IE India Club

Al finalizar la feria de clubes se abrió el proceso de elecciones donde los estudiantes y antiguos alumnos interesados en ser miembro de la junta directiva de algún club presentaron sus candidaturas. Los candidatos presentaron sus candidaturas online en las IE communities, además expusieron sus propuestas y razones para ser elegidos a través de las páginas web del IE, en vídeos y/o presentaciones a los miembros del club.

Finalmente, se realizaron las elecciones entre el 16 y 23 de Mayo, de aquellos clubes que tenían más de seis miembros interesados en formar parte de la junta directiva. Las votaciones de los clubes se hicieron a través de la página web http://portal.ie.edu. Después de las elecciones, los nuevos miembros elegidos, designaron un presidente entre ellos y se distribuyeron el resto de los cargos entre los miembros restantes.



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On June 29th, IE Brazil Club organized the first Official Brazilian Dinner at Restaurante Picanha.

The event was a success, with tickets being sold out. 70 people from the IMBA had the opportunity to taste a typical Brazilian dish and enjoy the happiness of Brazilian culture and music. Everybody ended learning some “samba” and drinking the famous and authentic Brazilian Caipirinha. IE Brazil Club wants to thank all participants for providing a warm and friendly night.

En el 29 de Junio, IE Brazil Club organizó la primera cena Brasileña en el Restaurante Picanha.

El evento fue un éxito con todas las entradas vendidas. 70 estudiantes de IMBA tuvieron la oportunidad de probar platos típicos Brasileños y disfrutar la alegría de la cultura y música Brasileña. La noche fue toda acompañada con la famosa y autentica Caipirinha y termino con todos bailando samba . El IE Brazil Club da las gracias a todos aquellos que participaron e hicieron del evento una noche especial.


En el ultimo miércoles (19 de Mayo) el  IE Brasil Club y el IE Emerging Markets Club juntamente a la Fundación Cultural Hispano Brasileña presentaron la conferencia  «Brasil en los años 2000: construyendo un camino hacia el futuro»  expuesta por el Dr. Jorge Mattoso, economista y ex-presidente de la Caja Económica Federal de Brasil. 


En la exitosa conferencia de casi 2 horas entre charla y Q&A los casi 40 participantes pudieron escuchar un poco sobre los últimos años de laeconomía brasileña y su evolución hasta los días de hoy. A través de un análisis de la coyuntura económica, el Sr. Mattoso pudo presentar los cambios esenciales hechos en Brasil y de las políticas económicas más recientes así como los retos futuros para el continuo desarrollo del país.

Last Wednesday (May 19th)  the IE Brazil club and the IE Emerging markets Club in cooperation  with the Hispano Brazilian Culture Foundation  presented the conference «Brasil en los años 2000: construyendo un camino hacia el futuro»  (Brazil in the 20TH century: Building a path towards the future). Presented by Dr. Jorge Mattoso. Economist and ex president of the Federal Economic Bank of Brazil.

In the Successful conference that lasted nearly 2 hours between the chat and the Q&A the almost 40 participants had the opportunity to listen about Brazil`s last economical years and its evolution up to today. Through analysis, Dr Mattoso presented the essential changes in Brazil and its most recent economical changes as well as future challenges to continue the future development of the country.

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