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Ajibade Oluwabiyi, from Nigeria, is IE International MBA 2009 alumnus.

I started out from the University of Lagos with a degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering but I always knew Entrepreneurship would be my final abode. I started my first venture in my 4th year at the University with my friend, where we provided Wireless Internet and Video on Demand solutions to estates and Hotels. This first venture failed in the business sense and this marked the beginning of a steep learning curve that would serve as invaluable lessons later in my entrepreneurial life. After my National Youth Service year, I took up a job with an IT firm and later went into the Oil and Gas Industry with one of the majors spending about 4 years with them. 

 Having spent all my life in Information Technology and realizing that I had a lot missing in me when it comes to business, I decided to apply for an MBA which eventually served as a 360 degree shift for me away from what I was used to. I applied and coupled with months of preparing for the GMAT and muliple essays and an interview, I got admitted to IE Business School where the next 13 months re-shaped my mind and helped re-organized my thinking. 

 Seating in a classroom, treating cases and meeting minds that were fully business oriented opened a new can of worms for me and the experience was exhilarating. IE Business School gave me not just an MBA but help build a network that I am still enjoying till today and will most likely enjoy forever. Meeting people from well over 60 countries from different backgrounds, orientations and view of life meant I became a much more exposed person and was a rich source of learning that I still enjoy till today. 

 After the 13 months coupled with my previous experiences and failures, I came to the conclusion that I was ready to take the plunge and went ahead and started my current Business – A metal recycling and Commodity Trading company. I am still running it and enjoying every bit of it!



IMG_8908Anna Kompaniyets (International MBA 2012) has been chosen as Women of the Month of July. Here’s her story:

As for many of us, the decision to do an MBA was a focal point to bring all that beautiful changes in my life which I experience right now. To IE I came from retail sector where I worked for Metro Cash & Carry as a PR manager. I remember 18th of May 2012, our graduation ceremony, many of my friends were coming back to their countries, some were eager to stay in Europe, and only me did not have a clear plan. Actually I did. It was the plan ¨not to come back to Ukraine, but to stay and look for a job in Spain¨ – quite ambitious, especially after the second wave of the crisis. I applied to all opportunities, but without EU visa it was very difficult to receive even first invitation for the interview. And then my MBA friend told me that Burger King is opening new division in EMEA and they are building up the team. I did my due diligence and reached the company. In 2 months I started in Burger King EMEA as Sr. Marketing Manager. With this new career step I changed the country, the sector, and the function. Don´t try to change all three, this is what we heard so many times. But this is what happened to me. During two years I was rotating through different marketing roles, being responsible for more than 15 international markets building and implementing data driven brand strategy.

And now is the time for the next move, just a month ago I started in NH Hotels as a Global B2C Customer Relations Manager. The role and industry is completely new for me but I feel very enthusiastic to take this challenge! This is a time in my career when I need more equilibrium between my professional and private life.

So… only 2 years passed after the graduation and now Madrid is my second home, my daughter speaks perfect Spanish, and I completely changed my career. I am very happy and feel that with an open mind, desire and trust, everything is possible.


IE Challenge Week: Entrepreneurs Edition!

Escrito el 24 julio 2014 por Alumni en Special Events

challenge week2International MBA students took on the role of consultants for an intensive week-long challenge with the goal of finding solutions facing an organization.  This past July, the April 2014 intake of the International MBA, tackled real life dilemmas of 4 startup companies, born and bred right here in IE’s basement at Area 31 (People-Sports, Alterkeys, Hot Hotels, TripMenu).

The students had the opportunity to work with these 4 companies in the early and self-discovery stage. Their challenge was to find meaningful way to engage their users.  Through design thinking techniques, interactive workshops and the input from external experts, 28 innovative and out-of-the box solutions materialized.

IE’s foundation was built on entrepreneurship and we continue to bolster this in our curriculum. The incorporation of the Challenge Week modules as a core component of the MBA, equips students with hands-on, practical experience and soft skills that they can use in their careers.

We are the only MBA program in the world that offers this unique experience to its students. This was the first time we were able to give a hand to our own IE alumni and devoted 200 brilliant student minds for this adventure. Past projects included large enterprises, BBVA and IKEA, and we are looking forward to working with GE this coming October!

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Catia Neto de Sousa, graduate of the International MBA in May 2014 won this year the Global Career Challenge of Coloplast. She recently joined the company as Head of Branding & Marketing in Denmark. Enclosed an interview in which she shares her experience about the Challenge. The call for the challenge was promoted on the Career Portal. Coloplast is a regular recruiter at IE.

Catia Neto de Sousa, International MBA mayo de 2014, ha ganado el Global Career Challenge de Coloplast. Recientemente se ha incorporado a esta compañía como Directora de Branding y Marketing en Dinamarca. Aquí puedes leer la entrevista en la que comparte su experiencia sobre the Challenge. Esta convocatoria fue promovida por el departamento de Carreras Profesionales de IE en su portal. Coloplast es un reclutador habitual en IE



DarioMinutella Dario Minutella appointed Manager A.T. Kearney

Dario tells us about his career in the consultancy company:

Upon graduation at IE in December 2010 I joined A.T. Kearney office in Milan as Associate. For the first two years I worked in Italy on very interesting projects in several industries, such as telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing, etc.

In March 2013 I took the opportunity to join a project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which consisted of supporting the Government in setting-up a cash and carry business, with the main objective of ensuring constant supply of FMCGs at good quality and affordable price. The company was established as Ethiopian Trading Enterprise and later we adopted the trade name of ALLE.  We currently operate two stores in Addis Ababa and will soon expand to the Regions.

I am proud of what we have done and this project provided me invaluable personal and professional experiences. Recently I have been promoted to Manager with A.T. Kearney and I have hired a Summer Associate from IE to work at ALLE on inventory optimization.


Darío Minutella nombrado Manager en A.T. Kearney. Darío nos habla de su carrera profesional en esta empresa de consultoría:

Después de mi graduación en el IE en diciembre de 2010 me ​​incorporé a AT Kearney en la oficina de Milán como Associate. Durante los dos primeros años trabajé en Italia en proyectos muy interesantes en varias industrias, como las telecomunicaciones, los seguros, manufacturación, etc
En marzo de 2013 tuve la oportunidad de unirme a un proyecto en Addis Abeba, en Etiopía, que consistió en apoyar al Gobierno en el establecimiento de un programa de efectivo y desarrollar los negocios, con el principal objetivo  de garantizar el suministro constante de bienes de consumo de buena calidad y precio asequible. La empresa fue fundada como Ethiopian Trading Enterprise después adoptó el nombre comercial de ALLE. Actualmente operamos en dos tiendas en Addis Abeba, y pronto se expandirá en otras regiones.

Estoy orgulloso de este proyecto que me proporciona experiencias personales y profesionales de valor incalculable. Recientemente he sido nombrado Manager en AT Kearney y he contratado a un Associate para el verano (reclutado en IE) para trabajar en ALLE en la optimización del inventario.


MariaJBoluarteMaría José Boluarte Baca
Upon her recent graduation from the International MBA last May, María José Boluarte is going back to her native Peru to become General Manager of the subsidiary of Collecte Localisation Satellite (CLS) a satellite services company owned by French Space Agency.
María José worked previously at CLS in Peru and Toulouse as the division sales manager for Latin America.

Tras su reciente graduación en el MBA Internacional en mayo, María José Boluarte vuelve a su Perú natal para convertirse en General Manager de la filial de Collecte Localisation Satellite (CLS) de una empresa de servicios de satélite propiedad de la Agencia Espacial Francesa.

María José trabajó previamente en CLS en Perú y Toulouse como Gerente de Ventas de la división para América Latina.


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Picture2This past May, 350 International MBA Students dedicated a week of their studies to help IKEA address the following challenge: What should IKEA change in order to become a more customer focused company? Aside from IKEA being a successful multinational company that students can identify with, the highlight of the collaboration was to have two IE Business School Alumni dedicated to the development of the Challenge Week. Ramón Ramos (MBA, 1989) & Eric van der Does (MBA, 2000) were approached by the International MBA Team about a potential collaboration and, as they are both dedicated to improving the customer experience, were eager to tap into the talent pool of IE. The week was a great success, in that students had the opportunity to get out of the classroom to work on a real-life opportunity and IKEA was presented with out-of-the-box ideas from 54 different groups. In fact, the week was so successful that select students will continue to work with IKEA in the development of implementation strategies. Picture1Challenge Week forms part of the International MBA curriculum, where on two occasions during the ir studies students are dedicated solely to the development of solutions to an opportunity presented by a company. This unique aspect of the curriculum helps to set IE apart from other top schools, as rarely do students (let alone 350) have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a project developed exclusively for their school by a top company.    

Should your company be interested in these kind of activities, contact us.

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