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IE Brazil Day

Escrito el 16 enero 2013 por Alumni en Clubs & Activities, Geographic

The IE Brazil Day was the last event organised by the IE Brazil Club in 2012. It was a special event designed to inform IE students about the strongest Latin America economy. The information available dealt with entrepreneurship opportunities and job searching in Brazil. The event consisted of a series of presentations led by IE Professors, club members and leading companies. “The main idea is to provide information from a perspective that non-Brazilian students do not have, giving them the opportunity to get in touch with people from the Brazilian market”, said Fabio Colella (IMBA 2012), a member of the IE Brazil Club.

The first activity was a lecture by Professor Newton Campos, PhD in Entrepreneurship, about the Brazilian entrepreneurial environment. During his speech, Newton shared some interesting facts about the bureaucracy and emphasised the contrasts between the different regions, sectors and industries. He presented a path to guide entrepreneurs about how to launch a venture in the Brazilian market, reducing the risks by leveraging their previous experiences and assets. It was possible to compare Brazil with other emerging economies in terms of opening new businesses for Brazilians and foreigners alike. According to Newton, it is time to seek business opportunities outside of the big cities and main business regions: “A foreigner would be better opening a hotel in a potential touristic place in the north or northwest of Brazil, than in Rio or Sao Paulo”, he said. He mentioned the low level of investments required in comparison with the big cities and that there is more facility to build networking, as well as some other important advantages.

The second presentation was led by Fernando Soares (IMBA 2011), a member of the IE Brazil Club with experience in the Brazilian job search industry. He discussed the job searching experience for foreigners interested in middle management positions in Brazil. His presentation “Working in Brazil: The Real Deal” provided information about industries, main cities, salaries and costs of living, legal requirements and tips for those that would move to Brazil with no local job offers. Fernando explained that “Brazil is one of the best places to develop a good career nowadays; however, there are many things that are not so commonly mentioned in the newspapers and magazines, which a foreigner should know before deciding to move to the country. Executive positions in Brazil pay well, but you have to understand the cost of living; for example, you may think that Brazil is still cheaper than Switzerland. There are many social problems and the Brazilian job market is more closed than it should be.” The message was clear: if you want to work in Brazil, the work starts before moving to the country. Students were advised to start job searching as soon as possible and to start building their network.

Finally, recruiters from Natura, Prosegur, Axia Consulting and BRFoods, companies with a large presence in the Brazilian market, presented their graduate programmes. It was an opportunity whereby the companies could meet potential candidates and answer their questions about summer jobs, rotational programmes and fulltime job opportunities. Company representatives also shared their personal experiences and talked about the Brazilian visa processes.

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