Entradas Etiquetadas con ‘Mujeres’


Once again Accenture and IE celebrated International Women’s Day with a joint event. Vicente Moreno and Diego del Alcázar accompanied the Madrid regional authorities’ Councilor for Education in the opening ceremony, Lucía Figar.

This year we wanted to celebrate the day by talking about opportunities and about how women approach entrepreneurship, hence we had a panel comprised of top-tier women entrepreneurs. Ana María Llopis was a trailblazer for women’s leadership in Spain, as evidenced by her achievements at Procter & Gamble, Banesto, Santander and, rather fittingly, Playtex!  Rosa María Oriol de Tous, who heads TOUS, is an example of how easy and how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur.  Maria Cordón, IE MBA alum (1994), successfully overcame challenges to take Quirón clinics to a 10 times higher turnover. Teresa Gonzalo launched her own company, Ambiox Biotech, aimed at developing medicines that provide social benefits. She created the firm after completing her Master in Biotechnology Management in 2008, and has already received several prestigious awards.

We were also treated to some valuable insights from Maika Sánchez, who works for the Red Cross providing support for disadvantaged women who want to set up their own business. Juan José Guemes, President of IE’s International Center for Entrepreneurial Management, talked to us about how difficult it is to create companies in Spain, and even more so for women in Africa. Finally, Diego Sánchez de León gave us some excellent advice on how to manage diversity.

Those of you who were unable to attend missed a great event, packed with good advice and tremendously enriching insights. It is impossible to summarize everything said, which is why we decided to pick out some key points and conclusions, many of which were reiterated throughout the event.

“Fortune favors the well-prepared mind.”

“Natural evolution, history and education have left women with a natural inclination to stay at home with their children. In order to launch an entrepreneurship project, women need a very strong will to overcome this impulse and succeed in business.”

“A good business plan played a key role in achieving these prizes, which will now probably help us to attract funding.”

“Diversity is not black or white. Ask for what you need, don’t expect people to be able to guess.”

“We no longer have to hunt bears to eat, we can go to the local supermarket, and a baby, even when it is at the all eating and no communication stage, can be looked after perfectly well by its father. «

“It’s always possible to do more. But the important thing is to compare yourself only with yourself.  If you are working at your full potential, you should be proud.”

«The most important thing is the results, not the way you do your work, and it is better to talk about anti-discrimination measures rather than equality.»

*This photo by Bruno Galindo is published in Yo Dona / Esta foto de Bruno Galindo fue publicada en Yo Dona

“Africa’s solution does not lie in donations or charity, it lies in entrepreneurship.” Graça Machel

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