Entradas Etiquetadas con ‘Obama’


The Embassy of the United States of America and ieOut had the privilege to organize an event focused in best inclusion practices for LGBTIQ Diversity. Professor Timothy V. Kane gave us his inspiring and committed insights about the topic. He made a very participative conversation in which he focused in three main targets to create a safe place to work… or to study.

Advancing LGBTIQ Diversity & Inclusion

The conversation covered social norms, policies, procedures, laws and funding. In which we discussed about sometimes very easy to implement and even inexpensive measures like controlling communications: words and images in internal and external messages; affinity groups (like ieOut); or neutral bathrooms, still an issue in Spain but not outside our borders:


Beyond binaries

The world is not any more black or white, man or woman, gay or straight, diversity is diverse, over the all regarding sexual and gender identities:
He explained to the audience the differences between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual behavior and sexual orientation. If you think it is complex, imagine the three variable combinations of each of them!

Giving voice to all values

Later on in the conference, we discussed about the challenges and rewards of going out of the closet and the power of allies.
We played a game in which we had to choose the more powerful LGBTIQ ally from:
• President Obama
• Sasha and Malia Obama
• Madonna
• You

Watch this video before making your guess! The answer from minute 4:10


Professor Kane also left us very powerful resources:
www.givingvoicetoallvaluesthebook.com (Book by Mary Gentile)


For more pics visit our Flickr page.



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