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US Career Drive: “Business & Visas in USA”

Escrito el 18 febrero 2011 por Alumni en Geographic, Others

The Careers Management Centre organized an informative conference regarding “Business & Visas in USA” as part of the US Career Drive, in collaboration with Employee Mobility Solutions (EMS). The conference was held in the Aula Magna of IE with Norma Lorenzo, a lawyer and expert in US immigration and Danixa Montero, vice president of EMS, conducting the conference.

The speakers discussed in detail the types of visas (Immigrant and non-immigrant), the application processes for different nationalities and for different types of visas, the approximate time period for the processes and the important points to remember during the application.

The EMS team defined and explained the basic concepts of immigration to the US and emphasized on how the continuous changes in US immigration laws can slow and complicate the visa process in each country. They stressed on the importance of knowing the type of application, the steps and time frame for each, using the appropriate procedures.

Several students and alumni of different nationalities attended the conference and were able to get key information regarding visas for USA.  They were able to resolve most of the doubts regarding the possible processes to be able to work and develop a career in the US.

For viewing the conference please click here.

About EMS: Employee Mobility Solutions is one of the biggest names in global mobility services, providing companies, employees and their families the whole process of mobilization and immigration services, which cover all legal, logistical and cultural issues, necessary for starting a new life successfully integrated in the new destination. EMS now has eleven operating facilities located in Algiers, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Panama City, Dubai, Houston, Lima, Madrid, Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Cruz to manage an international network of agents,  covering immigration to 70 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit : www.ems-ir.com

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